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Empowering Healthy and Intuitive Eaters

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Nurture a healthy relationship with food.

Reclaim enjoyable mealtimes, reduce stress around eating and optimize nutrition for health. Work with dietitians who are committed to body-affirming nutrition care.

Virtual Meal Support Group

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We offer guided meal sessions with a dietitian, supportive discussions, and optional 1:1 time.

Created for adults 18+ at any recovery stage, our group meets every Tuesday from 1-2pm with additional 10-minute office hours. Attendance at an info session and connection to a therapist and medical provider are required. At $50 per session, our program helps you establish a regular eating schedule and work towards your recovery goals.

For additional info, check out: Group Info Poster | Book Info Session

Founded by Lawren Fischer and Marilee Pumple

As millennial dietitians, Lawren and Marilee understand what it’s like to grow up in a diet culture world. Little Spuds Nutrition was created to support families to raise body-confident kids, promote connected eating and nurture healthy relationships with food across the lifespan.

Work with Us

Personalized nutrition counselling for all residents of British Columbia. Education and consultation services also available.

Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition

  • Fertility and reproductive health
  • Pregnancy symptoms and prenatal nutrition
  • Postpartum recovery nutrition
  • Lactation and chestfeeding

Pediatric & Family Nutrition

  • Pediatric and infant nutrition
  • “Picky” or selective eating
  • Intro of solids and allergens
  • Neurodiversity-affirming care
  • Reduce stress at meal times

Individual Adult Nutrition

  • Healthy relationship with food
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Meal planning and food skills
  • Eating Disorder Support
  • Intuitive Eating
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We value inclusivity and creating a safe space for all.

Little Spuds Nutrition respects your body autonomy and personal choices for feeding your family. Our practice is committed to providing care that is:

  • HAES-aligned and size-inclusive
  • Gender-affirming
  • Neurodiversity-affirming
  • Trauma-informed
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Direct Billing Available

Check with your provider for dietitian coverage and direct billing. Any fees that are not covered can be claimed as a medical expense for tax credit.

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Little Spuds Nutrition acknowledges and respects the Indigenous people upon whose traditional and unceded territories we live, work and play.