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Adult Nutrition Counselling

Feel empowered to reach your nutrition potential to live your desired life.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

We support clients with nutrition for general health and wellness as well as nutrition for complex medical conditions.


Areas we can help:

  • Plant-based eating or vegetarian/vegan nutrition
  • Diet optimization of specialized diets (celiac, IBS, allergies, and more)
  • Oncology survivorship
  • Prevention or early management of chronic disease
  • Digestive health and symptoms
  • Nutrition education and meal planning

Neurodiversity-Affirming Nutrition Care

Our practice uses a neurodiversity-affirming and responsive feeding approach for our neurodivergent clients. We often work in collaboration with OTs and SLPs as well as accept Autism Funding. 

  • Understand sensory processing differences and eating experience
  • Optimize nutrition alongside executive functioning
  • Assess feeding challenges to promote a healthy relationship with food

Improve Your Relationship With Food

Explore intuitive eating to support a healthy relationship with food and reclaim body trust. Learn to break free of the dieting cycle, reduce shame around food, and model health promoting behaviours. 

  • Gentle (non-weight focused) nutrition for health issues 
  • Therapeutic relationship with exercise 
  • Body image and Health at Every Size 
  • Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

What do we offer?

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment (review of health history, eating habits, preferences, goals or concerns, and more)
  • Personalized nutrition recommendations specific to your needs
  • Ongoing nutrition counselling with collaborative support and problem solving

Our approach is gentle, inclusive and collaborative.

We respect your body autonomy and personal choices for your health. Our clinicians are committed to affirming-nutrition care that is weight-inclusive, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed and gender-affirming. 

Direct Billing Available

Check with your provider for dietitian coverage and direct billing. Any fees that are not covered can be claimed as a medical expense for tax credit.

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