November 21, 2023

Fall Apple Snack Board


Halloween is a delightful season of treats and joy! This concept is all about embracing the fun of Halloween sweets in a way that adds variety and exploration to snack time.

Embracing Food Neutrality:

Our Apple Snack Board is a celebration of all foods. It’s a playful way to explore different flavors and textures without focusing on the unhelpful categorization of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods.

Dietitian Tip:

Offering a variety of whatever foods at meal and snack times helps your child practice food neutrality and create a healthy relationship with food ! 🎃

The Snack Board Experience:

  • Start with Halloween Candy: Choose your favorite candies, focusing on those that can be cut up or melted into dips. This is a fantastic way to experiment with textures and flavors.
  • Pair with Apples and Dips: Apples are a classic fruit, perfect for pairing with a variety of dips. We suggest Greek yogurt and peanut butter for a creamy, satisfying experience.
  • Get Creative: Encourage your child to participate in creating their favorite flavor combinations. This is a fun opportunity for them to explore their tastes and preferences.
  • Celebrating Variety: By adding different elements like fruits, yogurt, and peanut butter, we’re not just enjoying candy but also celebrating the joy of variety in our snacks.

Want to help your child build a healthy relationship with all foods? Check out this article:

Apple Snack Board


  • Apple of your choice
  • Halloween Candy
  • Greek yogurt for dipping
  • Nut butter for dipping optional


  • Select Your Candies: Choose a variety of Halloween candies. Look for ones that can be easily cut or melted.
  • Prepare the Apples: Slice apples into bite-sized pieces, perfect for dipping.
  • Arrange the Dips: Place Greek yogurt and peanut butter in separate bowls. If desired, melt some of the chocolates or caramels to create additional dipping options.
  • Assemble the Board: Creatively arrange the sliced apples, candies, and dips on a large board or platter.
  • Invite Creativity: Encourage children to experiment with different candy and dip combinations. Let them enjoy the process of creating their unique flavor experiences.
  • Enjoy Together: Share this delightful snack board with family and friends, celebrating the joy and variety of Halloween sweets!


Information provided by our dietitians is for general education and is not medical advice.

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